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Worship & Wellness

Faith … Family … Fitness … Fun …


Partnerships in Fitness Sustainable Worship  & Wellness Program specializes in creating a unique health and wellness experiences for interfaith communities around the world. Each program is tailored to meet the specific needs of the interfaith population served. Our mission is to empower interfaith communities with the tools, resources, and information needed to make informed decisions in regards to health & wellness. Knowledge is the power that build strong faith based communities and communities at large.

The Sustainable Worship  & Wellness Program is to designed assist communities of faith with understanding the importance of health & wellness as it relates to aging and is dedicated to helping interfaith communities with creating a living body of health that represents the spirit of GOD.

Partnerships in Fitness - Sustainable Worship & Wellness Program also provides interfaith communities with professionally trained and certified leadership instruction in fitness, health, wellness, and nutrition. Some of the many programs offered consist of activities such as; Interfaith Fundraisers, Nutrition Lunch & Learns, Women Health Conferences, Men’s Health Forums, Family Health Fairs, Fitness Classes, Farmer Markets and more.

Worship & Movement:


Traditional Sunday school instruction attempts to impart

lessons of moral behavior through ancient text.

Partnerships in Fitness imparts those lessons through

active engagement in the living word through movement

and technology. Students are encouraged to experience

life lessons through music and song as it relates to living

the word.


Our innovative approach to teaching the lessons of the

ancient text embodies various forms physical activity and

mental relaxation designed to get those endorphins

totally engaged. We know the importance of increased

mental awareness as a basis for the development of both

physical & spiritual growth. We truly believe that we have

connected the dots to getting youth more actively

involved and engaged in developing their faith

through movement.

Fitness Classes:  

Partnerships in Fitness offers a variety of fitness classes 2-3 days a week. The fitness classes are designed for all levels of participation; beginners, intermediate, and advance. The fitness classes consist of:  Yoga; Zumba; Circuit Training; Mindful Mediation; Sunday Stretch, Strength training and more…


Robin Parson, Partnerships in Community Health-

AFAA Certified Educator along with Apprentice Interfaith Leaders      

Silver Sneakers: 


The Silver Sneakers program is designed to address the well being of the seniors in the interfaith community. As our senior population grows and transform it is important they embrace the need for proper nutrition and fitness, in addition to the importance of the body and mind connection. The Silver Sneaker program will offer seniors fitness programs and activities that target ages 55+.

2 days a week


Nutrition Lunch & Learns:


As diabetes, high blood pressure, & obesity rates increase within African American communities at large, it is our inability to honestly address these concerns that contributes to the high mortality rates our community experience. Partnerships in Fitness offers nutrition workshops that assist interfaith communities with making healthy food choices, preparing healthy meals on a budget and introducing the foods you should eat through your life span, while aging. Food is our medicine…  

Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 12.51.45

Avocado and Mango Salad

Genesis 1:29 Then God said, “I give you every seed

bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every

tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be your for food.

Worship & Wellness Health Fair:


Partnerships in Fitness designs health fairs for interfaith communities to experience a day of fellowship with their congregation in a Festive atmosphere. The Worship & Wellness Health Fair consist of Biometric Screening, Farmer Market, Health & Wellness Vendors, Delicious Food, Local Fitness celebrities, Fitness challenges, Kid Zone and more… April 2018  


Interfaith Sustainable Wellness Arts & Technology Camp:  

The mission of the Interfaith Sustainable Wellness Arts & Technology Camp is to encourage our youth to explore the benefits of solar energy through Nutrition, Exercise, Creative Arts, and Technology.  This innovative concept takes a holistic approach to improving the quality of life in the global community by making a sound investment into the next generation of creative minds… Our youth!  Knowledge is Power… 3 week summer Camp June-July 2018


Men’s Health Forum:


The Men’s Health Forum is to improve the health of men and boys in the interfaith communities. The Forum will introduce health topics, organizations, resources, tools, and services that meet men's needs and empower men to change their approach to their health and well being, in addition to addressing risk-taking behaviors... June 2018

Hatha Class

“Walk by Faith” Fundraiser:

Many times interfaith communities tend to use the same

approach to fundraising i.e. bake sale, candy sale, raffle

ticket, etc. Partnerships in Fitness specializes in

developing innovative fundraising concepts for non-profit

organizations. Our most successful Interfaith fundraiser is

our “Walk by Faith” 3K Walkathon. This fundraiser assist

faith based communities with raising much needed funds

for capital campaigns, relief efforts, and other special

causes and serves as another opportunity to bring their

interfaith communities together.  

Women’s Health Conference:

We offer a 2-day women health conference that addresses health issues that specifically affect women of color. The conference consist of:

  1. Fitness and Health & Wellness guest speakers,

  2. Fitness demos and challenges,

  3. “Eat to Live” nutrition sessions,

  4. Mental health symposium,

  5. Spa treatments, and more… October 2018




Partnerships in Fitness - Sustainable Worship & Wellness Program is fueled by Faith… Family… Fitness… Fun …

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