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The “Sustainable Wellness, Arts and Technology Academy” will introduce youth ages 6 – 16 years old to the many benefits of solar energy through a 3-week Wellness, Creative Arts & Technology experience. The objective of this experience is to improve the overall quality of life for families by equipping our youth with the knowledge, information and resources needed to make healthy decisions regarding increased sustainability and therefore become “Sustainable Energy Ambassadors”.  Our education model is designed to motivate, and inspire the youth to gain a better understanding of what sustainable energy can do for both the individual, and the global community at large. SMART Schools SMART Communities.


“Sustainable Wellness, Arts and Technology Academy”

Celebrate a Healthy Life Festival

Partnerships in Fitness, Healthy Life Festival is truly a CELEBRATION of health...! The Healthy LIfe Festival consist of fitness and health & wellness vendors, healthy food vendors, an holistic spa experience, the kids zone, a farmer market, fitness entertainment, field day challenge, and more. We will work with you to strategically design your perfect day, or weekend full of fun filled activities that will feed the body, mind, and spirit. The Healthy Life Festival is about exposing our c0mmunities to living the healthiest life.

Run/Walk Events

Partnerships in Fitness, can design Run/Walk Events as a fundraiser or a fitness activity for government agencies, businesses, corporations, non-profit organizations, schools, and the like. Our hands on experience assist with  the inception to the completion stage of your community Walk/Run. 

Family Field Day Challenge

Partnerships in Fitness, Family Field Day Challenge is an organized physical activity the whole family or community can participate in. The challenge incorporates traditional field day games, such as; jump roping, hula hooping, sports drills, relay and sack races, fitness circuits and more. The activity teaches team building skills and encourages communities and families to become physically active together. The activity can also be designed to complement schools, government agencies, non profit organizations, and/or private business interest. This activity is perfect for School Field Day, Corporation Annual Picnics, Worksite Wellness Program, etc.

Fitness for the Family


Partnerships in Fitness believe when families exercise together they motivate each other. When each member of a family makes a commitment to change the cycle of poor health and become health conscious the action empowers each other.



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