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Corporate Wellness Programs

Today many employers understand the importance of investments and dividends. By making  investments into the mental, physical, and emotional  well-being of their workforce the company will reep significant returns on their investment regarding employee morale, sick leave, and the overall lowering cost of health insurance premiums.  Employers today understand the need to offer their employees a healthy work environment. Healthy employees are productive employees.


Partnership in Fitness,  specializes in the design, development, implementation, organization, and evaluation of innovative Worksite Wellness Programs specifically tailored to company's need. We understand the employers need to create a healthier work experience. Our worksite wellness programs have been successfully implemented in government agencies such as the IRS, Fulton County Government and school systems across the southeast, as well as non-profit organizations; the Louis Armstrong Foundation, Inc.

Partnerships in Fitness, incorporates these important key components when designing a worksite wellness program to fit your companies need. We provide the employer the resources and tools they need to build healthier work place environments.:     


1. Worksite Wellness Mission & Objective


2. Strategic Planning 


3. Team Development 


4. Program Development

The award winning Worksite Wellness team celebrates receiving a Proclaimation from Fulton County Government. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia represetatives (l-r)Laurie Mims,  Ron Kjar, Paige Sales, and Robin Parson, Partnerships in Fitness.

Robin Parson, Partnership in Fitness, and Lisa Rushin, Assistant to the County Manager, Fulton County Government  at the Atlanta Business Chronicle Awards breakfast.


To read the article click on the magazine cover above

Fulton County Government wins 1st Place in the Atlanta Business Chronicle's 2014 Healthiest Employer Competition
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