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At the foundation of a healthy lifestyle is understanding what the body and mind needs to obtain optimal health. The body needs foods that give you energy, mind power, and healing properties.  ​Partnerships in Fitness Nutrition Education provides hands on interactive experiences where indivduals, families, communities and the like learn how to eat on a budget, shop for healthier foods options in their community, and prepare quick healthy meals at home. 


Our team of Health Coaches are dedicated nutrition educators that  brings learning to life in a series of workshops.

Nutrition Partners

Debbie Possehl

Owner, Park North Wellness Center


Location:  Greater Atlanta Area


Industry:  Health, Wellness and Fitness


Current:  Certified Health Coach Trainer at Park North Wellness Center

TaSheena Cole is a native of Oklahoma City currently residing in Atlanta, GA.  She received her B.A. from Spelman College in Psychology and a from Emory University, with a concentration in Behavioral Science and Health Promotion.


Tasheena works both as a private Health Coach, as well as a Health Education Specialist for organizations such as, Well Point, Inc. and the Fulton County Government where she guides members and employees on how to best optimize their health options and reach their individual short and long-term health goals. 


In 2009, TaSheena joined forces with PIF  to assist the Future Foundation with developing a comprehensive fitness and nutrition program designed to combat childhood obesity and provide the statistical data that would either meet or exceed the goals set by the PEP (government grant) guidelines.


TaSheena Cole

Sonali Sadequee CHHC, AADP, specializes in natural nutrition skills that activate the healing and balancing potential of the entire human being.


Sonali received her training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is also certified by the Teachers College of Columbia University to serve individuals and businesses as a integrative nutrition Holistic Health Coach. She is board certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and received her B.A. in Psychology from Georgia State University.


Sonali is also trained by Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) as a Food for Life Instructor teaching evidenced based nutrition for people with weight management, diabetes,  heart disease, and cancer prevention and intervention goals.


Sonali Sadequee

                                                                     CHHC, RYT: Certified Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultant, Yoga Teacher, Imago Facilitator, & Wholeness Visionary

Lauren Carin

Receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology and Psychology has given Lauren Carin an extensive knowledge of the physiological, mental, as well as the physics behind human movement and development. During an internship with Resurgens Orthopedics she gained more interest in furthering the knowledge behind health and fitness; therefore practicing Personal Training. Gaining different certifications to help those in need, such as NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist Fitness Nutrition Specialtist, has amplified her interest and desire to share her knowledge and techniques to help improve and potentially save lives.

Additional Partners

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