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#raceforthearts 5K Walk/Run

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Grant Park, Atlanta, GA

8:00AM – 3:00PM


Partnerships In Fitness, LLC invites all: Visual, Performing, Literary, and Media Artist, as well as all Art Scholars, Historians, Educators, Students, Organizations, Centers, Galleries, Enthusiasts and Lovers to partner with Health and Fitness Professionals throughout the Greater Metropolitan Atlanta Community for #raceforthearts 5K Walk/Run.


#raceforthearts 5K Walk/Run fundraiser is designed to bring the artistic community together with the health and fitness community, as well as the community at large for a wonderful and worthy cause, to help “Put the Arts Back Into Our Schools”We as both Artist and Health and Fitness Professionals have a civic responsibility to help foster and create holistic learning environments that can transform the lives of the next generation of young people. Through your generous contributions of time, talent, and finance, together we can expose thousands of young people to (C.A.P.) Creative Arts Programs throughout the Metro Atlanta area.

#raceforthearts 5K Walk/Run is an opportunity for you to show your support for the arts and promote physical fitness. Help us make a difference in the lives of our young people. We are counting on you! If you choose to run, jog, or walk with us, you’ll be helping to encourage our youth to take part in a fun, exciting, healthy and historical Arts Revolution. #raceforthearts 5K Walk/Run is a healthy alternative to creating a better tomorrow for the whole family! 







Proceeds will benefit the Louis Armstrong Foundation, Inc., “Putting the Arts Back Into Our School Systems” Initiative. Through the initiative, monetary resources will be available to grant Artists the funding needed to conduct Visual & Performing Arts workshops/clinics within School Systems throughout the Metro Atlanta area. The Louis Armstrong Foundation, Inc. is a 501-C3 Organization who has implemented creative arts initiative programs throughout the State of Louisiana since 1985. For more information about the Louis Armstrong Foundation, Inc. please visit:


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