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Being physically active has proven to slow the aging process. Healthy people have good quality muscles… what is a good quality of muscle? In my opinion, it’s not the kind you see on a stereotypical bodybuilder. Good quality muscles are what you see on an athlete. An athlete can do things with his or her body; their muscles are conditioned for performance, not size, the point is good muscles literally empower you.

There are many benefits to being physically active. I know from first hand experience that exercise and healthy living build self-esteem and boost confidence in all aspects of your life. Exercise has been proven to combat depression, you are less anxious, less consumed by day-to-day pressures. Additionally, exercise reduces the amount of adrenaline in the bloodstream and increases the amount of endorphins (a natural tranquilizer produced by your body). There is a new sense of inner peace and calm or the ability to control anger more effectively.

Robin Parson

Partnerships in Fitness, LLC

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