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"Getting Intimate With Yourself"

Everyday, I encounter women ages 40 and over struggling both mentally and physically with embracing who they have become as they age, mainly because of issues related to health.

Many of these health issues are closely related to an increase in sedentary lifestyles consisting of LOW to NO PHYSICAL ACTIVITY along with BAD CHOICES when it comes to diet and nutrition which will be discussed in future #gracefully blogs.

The concept of “Getting Intimate With Yourself” embraces the delicate balance of the Cycle of Life by simply allowing the body to naturally evolve as it ages. However, it is up to you to decide on how you want your body to evolve, mentally, physically spiritually, and emotionally.

When it comes to physical activity, I recommend you start with changing how you view yourself. Although you may not be the athlete you were in high school or college, you can still be physically active by swimming, playing basketball, walking the dog, doing garden work in the yard, etc.

Second, ask yourself what type of physical activity do you enjoy? It is best to find a physical activity that fits your personality. For example, find a physically activity that is:

  1. not hard to commit to,

  2. make you smile or laugh in the moment,

  3. frown when it challenges your body, and

  4. scream when it gets intense….… but the bottom line is that it makes you feel good!

It is especially imperative for women to stay active at any age. Physical activity can help relieve the symptoms of pms, menopause, anxiety, depression, and many other mental health risks that affect women.

Physical activity keeps the muscles toned and vibrant. It builds strong bones, and allows the blood to flow freely throughout the body, while producing healthy blood cells.

Physical activity is an excellent way to help the body maintain its vitality, flexibility, and energy.

Commit to helping your body trigger those happy endorphins today and everyday by “Getting Intimate With Your Body” .

We want to inspire you to get up, move and join the growing lifestyle movement to get physically active. Please feel free to leave a post comment via Facebook, or share with your friends, and/or message me via FaceBook

Robin Parson

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