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Have you ever been asked” how do you stay fit?" “Where do you get your energy from?" or “What do you do to maintain a youthful appearance?"

My answer is simple; I embrace the “Joys of Life”.

What are the “Joys of Life”? For me the “Joys of Life” consist of staying physically active, eating healthy foods, maintaining a positive attitude, and inspiring others. Once you discover your purpose in life, life will take on an entirely different meaning.

By simply giving yourself permission to Love unconditionally, you will immediately break the chains of mental bondage that robs each of us from the Happiness, Peace and Joy that we all seek. Our ability to Love effects each area of our existence (Mind, Body and Spirit) is directly connected to our ability to maintain spiritual balance.

Most of ALL, learning to Love yourself unconditionally and openly giving yourself permission to do what you truly LOVE is liberating. The key is simple: EDP (Explore, Discover, and Persevere).

Dancing, Yoga, Running, Skating, listening to Music, Travel, Art museums, and reading good literature are just a few of the things that make me happy …

For many of us once we reach a certain age our priority changes. Other things become priority, our careers and our businesses. Slowly we become sedentary and no longer seek happiness for ourselves. Instead, we seek happiness for our children, our grand-children, our elderly parents.

Now, nothing is wrong with putting love ones or our careers first. BUT, REAL TALK… if you can move your arms and legs get physically active. If you know certain foods (i.e. canned foods, process foods, fast foods, donuts, french fries, etc.) triggers health risk, stop eating them! If certain habits (i.e. smoking) put your health at risk get rid of those habits! If certain situations stress you out, get rid of those situations!

The Simple Truth is: Life is full of tough "choices & decisions" that we all must make. Just simply

ask yourself what type of lifestyle do you want to live as you age and be bold enough to take a stance for your own Happiness - Mind, Body, & Spirit.

Robin Parson

Partnerships in Fitness, LLC

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